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When opportunity knocks, be ready to grab it!

Ever been in this situation?

You are at the baggage claim at the airport, waiting for your baggage to arrive. It's a very busy period, and you see the conveyor belt is full of bags. You need to find that one bag amongst hundreds of other bags that are on the conveyor belt. Some bags look very similar to your bag.

So you're looking for your bag. And from a distance you can actually see your bag. At that point, you do everything possible to get ready to grab your bag, such as making you way to the front of the crowd to position yourself adequately.

The same applies to an OPPORTUNITY.

If you see an opportunity coming,  you need to do everything possible to grab it. That opportunity is out there for you catch. The opportunity might be vague or might not be easily identifiable. So position yourself to grab the opportunity as soon as you identify it. In some cases, check out the opportunity  by exploring it, and leave it if it is not.

Now unlike a bag, which goes around the conveyor belt a couple of times, this opportunity might only come once. Also imagine your bag actually goes around the conveyor belt and somebody else picks it up. You might never see your bag again. If you let the opportunity go, it might never come back.

Jeff Bezos saw an opportunity with the  internet growing at 2,300%. And he grabbed it even though he was working at a reputed Hedge Fund and doing really well. Imagine if he had not grabbed that opportunity, there would be no Amazon today.

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