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Kids and young adults will get the following from the book:
⭐ Learn an essential life skill that we use everybody
⭐ Move from emotional or intuitive negotiation to structured approach
⭐ Gain confidence to walk into a negotiation
⭐ Learn about appropriate behaviors that are vital in any discussions, including negotiations.
⭐ Have fun reading stories and examples examples they can relate to

And there is value for the parents too!

✅ Your kids and young adults graduate to structured negotiation from the trial and error methods and emotional methods they use at home
✅ Parents can also learn the kids perspectives and psychology by reading this book
✅ Your kids will benefit from negotiation skills for their long-term success
✅ The book highlights appropriate behaviors that are vital in any discussions and also in negotiations.
✅ Last but not the least, the book emphasizes win-win situation. So it will be better than the situation where they do not focus on win-win.

Reach out to Anuj for any questions HERE

Click to read a detailed book review of the book from a reader. 

And there's more - The book includes a Negotiation Checklist (Click link below) that kids or young adults can print and refer to whenever they negotiate. It will guide them through the steps to consider which will make their negotiations effective. 

Negotiation Checklist
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