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How do you influence others?

Presenting to you three categories of influencing/persuading techniques in this blog.

Have you ever:

  • wondered how to get the full focus from the other party?

  • thought how you could get a more favorable response or reception from the other party?

  • wished that you could get some tips to influence somebody better?

  • wondered why some people are so good at persuading others?

The power of influencing comes from the successful and frequent application of influencing techniques. Of course, we first need to understand these. Further, we need to consistently practice these techniques to make us better. Some additional details about influencing techniques:

  • We all use influencing techniques on a daily basis but often do not realize it. We are also subjected to these techniques by others so awareness becomes critical.

  • There are multiple influencing techniques that could apply to a particular scenario that could be applied simultaneously. Maybe, only one of them might work though.

  • Influencing techniques are subtle – Our mind gets influenced even if they are discretely applied.

  • Extent of influencing techniques could vary by situation and culture. Application should be carefully considered depending on the culture of the other party.

  • The techniques could also vary by the corporate level of the other party you are influencing.

Learn more about these with examples in my book "Negotiation Quotient".

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