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A rewarding experience!

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Some new doors opened from the passion for the topic of negotiation. My brother said "why don't you put the passion on paper?" A great piece of advice! This helped me discover the interest in writing.

As I started to write, new ideas flowed through the mind. At one point, I had the "eureka" moment when a new framework (Refer CAV Framework in the book) suddenly materialized in the shower. Seems funny but its true.

I also grew more confident as a writer along the way. I devised new concepts, models, and coined new terms too. One of my workshop participants alluded to the structured format of my workshops. This structure was further enhanced in the book to develop the final framework of the book. It would be remiss if I did not mention the contribution of friends, colleagues and family who shared exciting experiences and examples. I am grateful to all those who had a part in the development of the end product.

After all the hard work, it was rewarding to see the print book in my hand the first time. I hope everybody who reads the book gets as much value as the joy and passion I put into the book. A special feeling similar to what a parent experiences the first time she/he holds the new born. This is my first book but certainly not the last. Looking forward to the next one!

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