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Proud to represent my alma mater

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Attending the UCLA-NUS Executive MBA program has been the one of the key highlights of my life. Life-changing experiences and learning opportunities have made a great impact. After all, my passion for the topic of negotiation grew due to the courses in my MBA program.

In July 2019, the Office of Alumni Relations (OAR) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) appointed me in the role of Chairperson of the Alumni Chapter in San Francisco. This was a very proud moment for me to represent my alma mater at the helm of the alumni chapter. It is a great opportunity to give back to the university in several ways -  1) Revive a very important chapter by engaging the alumni in this vibrant market, 2) provide opportunities to the alumni community to come together to network and learn from the experiences, and 3) provide an opportunity for the OAR and the University to connect and share more easily with the alumni community.  Our Chapter needed a reboot and we did it in style with 33 alumni from different faculties and industries attending our first event. Our event was featured in the alumni happenings section of The AlumNUS magazine. Our 2nd event was casual get-together for drinks and dinner at a SF bar. We look forward to hosting our next event and connecting with many more alumni.

In the latest edition of the NUS alumni magazine The AlumNUS published in January 2020, the cover story “You, Me and Our University” focuses on alumni engagement. I was presented an opportunity to be interviewed, and to provide my perspectives on alumni engagement thousands of miles away from our alma mater. The cover story carrying my views is available here. A big thank you to the Office of Alumni Relations for providing me a chance to share my perspectives and highlight our efforts at the NUS Alumni San Francisco Chapter in the focus story. See picture below.

My mind goes back to around October of 2014 when I was first pictured on the NUS website during my joint Executive MBA program from UCLA and NUS. Five years later, I am glad to continue to be featured on the website, and also join my classmates to represent our class on a couple of other pages. See pictures below.

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Sundararajan S
Sundararajan S
11 de jan. de 2020

Great! moreWish Many laurels. Sundara rajan

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